Mumble Trivia Bot

What is it?

Mumble Trivia Bot is a free software which allows you to host Textual Trivia Games on Mumble servers. The application connects as a Mumble User to the server and then parses commands that other users send via Channel Text messages. The Bot is customizable and it supports various game types.

Once connected, Mumble Trivia Bot requires no further input from the host PC as users can pick desired trivia, start new games and look into scores via text input within the Channel.


  • Host Trivia Games on Mumble Servers
  • Create, Modify or Share Trivia Libraries
  • Import complete Open Trivia DB Libraries with a click of a button
  • Keeps track of Scores per server, session
  • Highly Customizable
  • Control the Bot via Mumble Channel Chat Commands - Once connected, no further input is required on local machine
  • Custom Localization

Trivia Editor

The software comes with a built in Trivia Editor. This editor allows you to quickly create, remove or modify existing Trivia Libraries and their entries. Editor will also allow you to Import complete Trivia Libraries with a click of a button, thanks to the Open Trivia Database Integration.


Mumble Sharp

Mumble Trivia Bot wouldn't be possible without Mumble Sharp Open Source project, which handles the connection with Mumble Servers.
You can find it Here


Our Interface is prettier thanks to FlatIcon! This service provides free icons.
You can find them Here
Application Icon is from FlatIcon : https://www.flaticon.com/free-icon/bot_1786548?term=robot&page=4&position=43

Open Trivia Database

Mumble Trivia Bot has a support for Open Trivia Database. This is a free Service for Developers that provides complete Trivia Libraries via an API. Open Trivia DB

Mumble Trivia Bot is developed and maintained by Srđan Milovanović. http://digitalhamster.net