Connecting to Server

Connecting to a Server

In order to connect to the server for the first time, we must add one to our Database.

In the Main Window click "Add" in the Servers section.
In "Add New Server" window fill the required information :

Address - IP or URL of the server
Port - Port of the Server
Password - Server password *leave blank if there is no password
Bot Username - This is the username that Bot will appear in
Label - User friendly label that will be shown for this server within the Software.

Once you've filled in all the required info, click on the "Add" Button.

The Window will close and the server will appear in the Combo Box list under the Servers section.

Select the server you just added and click "Connect".

The Bot should now be connected to the server.


You can manage Servers and Scores by opening the Servers & Scores Window from Configuration menu.


  • Bot will connect as Muted and Deafened. Ensure this is always the case. If bot is not deafened and users are talking in the channel there is a chance that bot will delay the Trivia response due to how Mumble Sharp handles the connection. We're looking into fixing this issue in the following releases.
  • You can edit the Bot comment note in the Settings
  • Bot only parses input from the channel in which it's located
  • Server data is stored in a local file used by the Bot, however the password will be encrypted