Trivia Library

Trivia Editor

Trivia Editor allows you to create new or modify existing Trivia libraries.
You can edit Questions, Answers, their types, export complete Library to a file or import it from a file or Open Trivia Database.


Questions Database - This list shows all of the questions contained within the Library that you're modifying
Answers - This list shows all of the answers for the selected Question
Find - This field allows you to filter the Questions list
Add - Opens a Window for Adding a new Question or Answer
Edit - Opens a Window for editing the selected Question or Answer
Remove - Removes the selected Question or Answer
Trivia Name - A Name that will be shown within the list of Available Trivias and Users, when new game is started
Description - A description of this Trivia Library
Save - Saves the current Trivia Library
Cancel - Closes the Window and Cancels the changes Import from Open Trivia DB - Opens a Window that allows importing complete Trivias from Open Trivia Database Service
Export to File - Exports Trivia Library to a file that can be shared with other Mumble Trivia Bot users
Import from File - Imports Trivia Library from a file that was previously exported