FAQ & Common Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to multiple servers at once?

This is not possible at the moment.

Why is there Audio Folder if Bot doesn't use Audio?

Audio libraries are a part of Mumble Sharp, which is required for handling the connection.

Does this application send any data to Developers?

The Application doesn't send any data to DigitalHamster.net.

Do I have to create my trivias manually?

No, you can use Open Trivia Database Importer to Import complete Trivia Libraries with one click

Common Issues

Mumble Trivia Bot logs errors within a local file called "ApplicationLog.txt" located in the Logs folder within the Main folder. If you're encountering issues, check the log file for any entries, which are explained bellow :

No Such Host is Known

This error occurs when Mumble Trivia Bot can't connect to the Server

Ensure that :

  • The Server Address was typed in correctly
  • Connection is possible to this Server via Mumble Client
  • There is an connection to the Internet
  • Mumble Trivia bot isn't blocked by Firewall rules or other application

The remote name could not be resolved

This error occurs when program can't reach a website. It can occur during Update Check or while getting the Status of Open Trivia Database

Ensure that : - There is an connection to the Internet - The Application isn't blocked by Firewall rules

There was an Issue while connecting to the server: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

This error can occur : - When you lose internet connection while the Bot is connected to a Server - When you try to connect to a Server on which the Bot is Banned

Messages aren't appearing in Channel but they are visible within the Application

This varies from server to server. You can try mending it by adding delays between the printing.

The Bot disconnects soon after connecting

This indicates that there is an issue with the Server Protocol, please reach out to us so we can fix it ASAP.