Initiating a new Game

Starting a New Game

Once connected to a Server, Mumble Trivia Bot joins a channel muted and deafened.

You can start a new game by sending a command within the Channel's Chat :


The Bot will print all possible Trivias that are Enabled within the Main Window, and ask users to select one or all by typing: !all

If users select All trivias, Bot will merge and randomize all Trivias into a new temporary Library that will be used during the session.

Otherwise, users can type in the number next to the Trivia Name to start a game with that Trivia Library.

Playing the Game

The game is now Started. The Bot will ask a Question, offer possible Answers and wait for someone to answer.

Users can answer questions by :

  • Writing a number next to the answer
  • Writing a correct number in case of Proximity Questions
  • Writing exact Answer in case of Literal Questions

Once there is an Answer, bot will react according to "Wait until answer is correct before moving to next Question".

If the setting is enabled, the Bot will notify users if the answer was incorrect and it will wait for a correct Answer before moving on to the next question.

If the setting is disabled, regardless if Answer was incorrect, Bot will notify the users and move to the next question Immediately.

Completing the Trivia

Once all questions have been Exhausted, Bot will print Score Statistics for the Session and notify the Users that the Game is Over. At this point users can start a new game using the !start command.