Open Trivia DB Importer

Importing Open Trivia DB Data

Open Trivia Database is a free to use Third party service which provides Trivia Questions to developers via an API.
Mumble Trivia Bot supports Open Trivia Database and allows users to import Trivias from this service.

To import Trivias from Open Trivia Database, click on the "Import from Open Trivia Database" button within the Trivia Database Editor Window.

New window shows up :


Status - This label indicates the status of the service.
Total Questions - This number indicates how many Questions are approved and available to users.
Questions - Defines the amount of questions that you wish to retrieve, maximum is 50 per import.
Category - Defines the Trivia Category.
Difficulty - Defines the Difficulty of questions.
Import Multiple Times - Having this field checked allows importing multiple times to the same Database

To Import Trivias from Open Trivia Database :

  • Set the Amount of Questions
  • Pick the Category
  • Pick the Difficulty
  • Click "Import"
  • Close the Window
  • Save the Trivia Library.


If "Import Multiple Times" option was selected, Mumble Trivia Bot will keep the Window open, allowing you to import more questions. You can also import questions from multiple categories to the same Trivia Library, however only once per Import.