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FAQ & Common Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

A few words from the Developer

Writing Steam Inventory Scanner was a blast and I'm looking forward to expanding it with your suggestions.
When I started working on this project back in 2018, I really wanted to create a useful tool that will serve people and help them.
It has grown since then and many features were added additionally.
My goal was to build a utility that will allow me to scan inventory and quickly find the things that I was looking for. I believe there are many cases where it can be helpful and I can't wait to expand it further.
As with any software, you're using it at your own risk.
Please see the Privacy and Security concerns bellow for clarification.

Like all other apps I've written so far, Steam Inventory Scanner is not a paid program.
Consider Donating if you find it useful.


Can I scan any other Inventory Entry other than Steam?

At the moment, it is possible only to scan the Steam Inventory. We're looking into options to expand Scanning in future releases.

Is there Support for older Operating Systems?

While Steam Inventory Scanner can be started on Windows XP, the Scanning will not work due to TLS issues.

Privacy and Security Concerns

Steam Inventory Scanner is not related anyhow to Valve or Steam. The Application itself has nothing to do with the Steam Client. Imagine if you opened an Inventory while not logged in. You can see the data. So does the Application. It only reads this data via an Valve provided Endpoint and then converts it to a format that it can show you in a list. Nothing more, nothing less. Therefore to be clear about common questions regarding Security and Privacy Concerns:

Can I get VAC Ban by using this application?

No! Steam Inventory Scanner has absolutely nothing to do with Steam Client. It parses the JSON data via official Endpoint.

Can I get IP Banned?

Yes, if you abuse the program by running multiple instances or sending too many requests, Valve could IP Ban you.
Usually, these bans are soft and you will be able to go back to normal within minutes. In extreme cases (ex. abusing the app and sending way too many requests within a short period) they might last longer, or maybe even be permanent.
Steam Inventory Scanner has some measures put in place to prevent abuse, however, at the end of the day it comes down to how you use the program.
Use high Items per request count, high delay between attempts, and don't try to scan too many profiles at once, and you should be good.
(Even if you have too many profiles at once, the application won't scan them at the same time. Instead, it will scan profile by profile, waiting between requests.)
Always try to provide SteamID64 as it will allow the Application to use much faster and less limited Endpoint. You're very likely to run into limits with old Endpoint.
Either way, you are using this software at your own Risk.

Do I need Steam Client to run this app?

No! This Application doesn't Require Steam to be Installed and has nothing to do with the Steam Client.

Do I need to provide any Login details or API Keys?

No! Steam Inventory Scanner has nothing to do with API keys or Login details.

Does Steam Inventory Scanner collect any data?

No data is collected by the Developer of Steam Inventory Scanner. Error Logs might be created, but they are not sent back to the Developer.
In case that you encounter an Issue, I might ask you to provide error logs or more details in order to resolve the issue.

Does Steam Inventory Scanner contacts any other website besides Steam?

Yes, when the Application Checks for Update it will check for it via However, you can disable Automatic Check for Updates in the Settings.

What about other websites?

Besides reaching out to Steam Endpoint and for updates, the app won't contact any other website internally.
It can open this Manual if you click on the "?" button within the Window Title, it could also open Steam Card Exchange if you click on the "SCE" button, however, all these websites will launch in your Browser. This is also true for all the hotlinks that you can set up via the Config window.

Common Issues

Could not load file or assembly "System.Core, Version=

This error can occur when you click "Scan". To resolve it, install the "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 KB2468871" update.

Private Profiles

In case that Steam Inventory Scanner tries to scan a private profile or an Inventory that is not reachable, there will be an Exception Shown regarding that.

Parsing Cooldowns

Valve has set a Cooldown for Parsing the Inventories. As many inventories contain multiple thousands of items, you might encounter this issue. Steam Inventory Scanner will wait and try to parse the data later. The length of Cooldowns is not known. However, you can mend the issue greatly by :

  • Providing SteamID64 for a Profile, this will increase the Search Speed because it uses new Endpoint
  • Increasing ItemsPerScan value in Config Window to max value of 5000 if you have modified it beforehand

Nothing happens when I press Scan, the application doesn't respond

There might be an issue with Steam Servers, the Application can't get the data from the Endpoint.
Be patient. If the issue still exists after a while :
Check Session Log for any errors and reach out to us.

Last update: May 4, 2020