Viewing Inventory Data

Once the Application Scans a Steam Profile, the Data will be Shown within the list on the Main Window.

This list groups the Items on Per Profile basis. Cards and items per Game Basis and some other items per Type Basis.
You can expand any Profile, Game, or Item and see additional information.

In the columns to the right, there will be additional Buttons that will Launch Browser with various Webpages, where possible :

Possible Actions on User Profiles

Profile Button - Opens Steam Profile of the selected user in Browser
Trade Button - If Trading URL was set during Profile creation, launches Trading URL in Browser

Possible Action on Game Names and Item Types

STE "Open" Button - Opens Steam Card Exchange website, pointing to the Game that was selected
Steam "Open" Button - Opens Steam page for the selected Game

Possible Actions on Cards and other Inventory Items

Market Button - Opens Steam Community Market in Browser, pointing to the selected Item

One of the entries doesn't show a Button

Buttons won't appear if the required URL wasn't provided during the Profile Creation or if there is something wrong with the URL

Data within the list can be saved to Cache and loaded at a later point. See Caching Section.
You can also filter and Search the Data using the options on the lower part of the Window. See Search and Filtering section.

Last update: May 4, 2020