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Main Settings are located within the Options -> Global Options menu on the main Window.

Here's a breakdown of every Tab of the Options Window.


Holds General settings related to the Application

  • Cache Format | XML or JSON
    Defines the file format for Cache Files. Has no impact on behavior, can impact file Size.
  • Save Column Order And Size on Exit
    If Checked, when you close the program it will Remember the Sorting, Column Size, and Filters applied on the Data List on the Main Window. This doesn't include the optional filters below the List.
  • Reset
    Removes the data file that keeps Column Order and Size, reverting it to Default on next launch


Holds settings related to the Scanner and Scanning process

  • Items per Request
    Defines the number of items that Scanner will return in each request to Steam Endpoint
    Note : Recommended : 5000, as lower values will increase the number of requests on large inventories and really low values can result in an IP Ban
  • Request Attempt Delay
    Number of seconds before the Scanner sends a request in a case that Request was denied for whatever reason
    Note : If a request fails it can mean, among other things, that an IP Ban was applied. Leaving higher values is recommended
  • Max Get Attempts
    How many times should the Scanner try to get the data in a case that Request fails for whatever reason

Holds settings related to the Hotlinks on the Main Form

  • Show Steam Hotlinks
    Shows or Hides Steam Hotlinks group on Main Form
  • Show User Hotlinks
    Shows or Hides User Hotlinks on Main Form
  • Profile Hotlink URL
    Link to User Profile that will open once clicked on User Profile Hotlink on Main Form
  • Profile Inventory URL
    Link to User Inventory that will open once clicked on User Profile Hotlink on Main Form
  • Hide Open Button for Game Entries
    Hides "Open" button for Every Game under Steam column within the main List


Holds settings related to Exporting.
See Exporting for clarification and samples.

  • Text Output
    Switches between Output formats for Textual Exporting of the data
  • Minimal
    Outputs only minimal information, such as Game Name and List of Cards
  • Detailed
    Outputs extra data, such as Card Rarity and Item Type or amount of items
  • Verbose
    Outputs all relevant data, but at a cost of readability. It includes links towards Store page, Marketplace and Steam Trade Exchange
  • Link Game Titles to Store Page
    Game names within the HTML file will be linked to appropriate Steam Store Pages
  • Link Items to Steam Market
    Cards and other items within the HTML file will be linked to their appropriate Steam Marketplace pages
  • Include Steam Exchange
    Adds a link within HTML file to Steam Trade Exchange page for the items
  • Include Rarity and Type
    Adds Item type and Item Rarity before the Item name within the HTML file

Last update: May 4, 2020